The Stunning First Swiss Cliff Walk
The First Swiss Cliff walk is a fantastic experience that is free and accessible to all. As the name implies it literally is a walk along a cliff on a suspended bridge-like structure that is hanging on the side of the mountain. The walk is thriling and the views are spectacular. This fun, stunning and exciting cliff walk is located on the First mountain easily accesible from Interlaken as a day or afternoon activity!

Things to do Interlaken: Discover the most beautiful Swiss Alpine Lakes
Interlaken is located between some of Switzerland's most beautiful and impressive alpine lakes. There is literally dozens of lakes to explore, hike to and swim in. Ranging from high alpine remote lakes, crystal clear aquarium lakes, the deepest lake in Switzerland, cow-bell concert surrounding lakes and sheer rockcliff surrounded lakes....there is a lake for everyone's taste!

COVID19 update: Switzerland & Adventure Hostel Interlaken Open
It is the 11th of May 2020, and life is getting back to normal in Switzerland. The kids are back to school, shops and restaurants re-open and the borders to Switzerland from its neighboring countries like Germany, Italy and France are slowly opening up as well. Distancing measures and social distancing rules are still in place to ensure the safety of all, but the long-road to normal travel life has been started.

The Best Adventure Hostels around the World
Affordable adventure hostel accommodation offering great rates, comfortable beds, hotel-like amenities and loads of adventures! An overview of the best adventure hostels from around the world.

Swiss Travel Pass: a Cheap, Convenient & Scenic way to Travel Switzerland & Interlaken
The Swiss Travel Pass is a fantastic option for Cheap, Convenient & Scenic travel through Switzerland, Interlaken and the Jungfraujoch 'Top of Europe'

The Interlaken Adventure Hostel Garden Gem
Come hang out in the Interlaken Adventure Hostel Gem of a Garden. Unrestricted mountain views all around from the only hostel in Interlaken where you can see the snowcapped Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains

Visit Lauterbrunnen and the valley of 72 thundering waterfalls
The amazing Lauterbrunnen valley is a must visit on every Interlaken trip. Go marvel at the towering cliffs and 72 thundering waterfalls that flank the cute Lauterbrunnen mountain village!

Harder Kulm the Top of Interlaken
A spikey building that looks like a pagoda on top of the mountain right next to Interlaken. You can see it from miles away when you approach Interlaken by car or train. What could that be? Well that is the Harder Kulm aka Top of Interlaken.

Gelmerbahn, Switzerland’s unique Alpine Rollercoaster
The Gelmerbahn is Switzerland’s unique Alpine Rollercoaster & Europe’s steepest funiculaire that is the most gorgeous thrill ride of your life!

Adventure Hostel Interlaken: a visual tour of the Swiss Villa Hostel from 1901
The adventure hostel Interlaken is a one-of-a-kind hostel located in a villa mansion built over a century ago in 1901. The hostel combines traditional vibes with modern day comfort....let's explore through our visual tour!

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