Buy a Jungfrau Ski Pass and Stay for free at the Adventure Hostel

The Jungfrau ski region is one of the bigger ski domains you can visit in Switzerland and Europe. With 210km of groomed slopes covering two valley and three mountain ridges you won't get bored skiing or snowboarding here. Add to that 100km of sledging track and uncountable winter walking trails and you are in for a real wintersports treat right at the base of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains. There you can ski the steepest ski slope in the world (88%) or go sledging on Europe's longest sledding road (16km)!!  People tend to stay in the villages of Mürren, Lauterbrunnen, Wengen or Grindelwald which are all located in the Jungfrau ski area. But what if I told you a little secret that you can buy a ski pass for the entire area and you can stay for free at the Adventure Hostel in Interlaken.....Oh and breakfast is included as well!

Buy a Jungfrau ski pass and stay for free

Is this for real? Staying for free if I just buy the ski pass that I would get myself is this possible? Let me explain...
The standard Jungfrau ski pass for the entire region costs 75 CHF per day. For that exact same price you can stay in one of our 6 bed dormitory rooms + get the full Jungfrau ski pass. A complementary and free breakfast buffet is included too!
If you'd rather stay in a private room that is possible too for a little surcharge between 20-30CHF. This offer is valid all winter long as long as our capacity allows it, if you book directly on our own website and stay a minimum of two nights and take the pass for the same duration.

It is indeed a pretty sweet offer that let's you ski for a bargain in one of Europe's top resorts. 


Winterlaken card + Adventure Hostel = Winter Wonderland

The reason we can provide you with this amazing offer is the fantastic winterlaken card. Read our previous blog post about the Winterlaken card here). This card can be bought for 40 CHF per day if you stay a minimum of two nights in Interlaken. With our super comfy 6-bed dorm rooms for 35 CHF per night including breakfast you end up at a total of 75CHF which is the exact same price other people pay just for their ski pass. 

Kids up to 16 years old only pay 20 CHF for the winterlaken card so the price for that ski pass + accomodation + breakfast becomes a bargain 55 CHF per night. 

How to make this happen

  1. Go to the booking page of our website on and find the room of your preference. 
  2. For the 75CHF ski pass + accomodation + breakfast offer you need to select a 6-bed dormitory which is listed at 35 CHF per night.
  3. Choose to add the Winterlaken card (40 CHF) at checkout. 
  4. A minimum of two nights + two days of winterlaken card is required per person to get this offer
  5. Not valid during the Christmas & New Year's holidays

If you can't find a 35CHF dormitory bed on our website for the dates you are looking for it means that those dates have been sold out. Choose another room type (e.g. 5-bed dorm, 3-bed dorm,...private room) for a slightly higher price and you will still be able to get the Jungfrau winterlaken pass for 40CHF per adult or 20CHF per kid. 

Happy skiing, sledging and winter walking!