Explore & fondue with the Fondue Backpack Interlaken

New in Interlaken through a cooperation between the Adventure Hostel & Fondue Villa Interlaken is the fondue backpack. Go on a hike or exploration mission around the Swiss mountains of Interlaken and create an amazing outdoor fondue on a scenic location. Put your caquelon (fondue pot) next to the lake, on top of a mountain or close to a pretty waterfall and easily prepare your own fondue with the fondue rucksack that includes all tools, ingredients and beverages you need for a great outdoor Interlaken experience.

Fondue Backpack Interlaken

The fondue backpack / rucksack contains everything you need to easily make your own fondue on any scenic Interlaken location. It has a caquelon & rechaud with burning fuel, matches, a wind protector for the fire, delicious Swiss cheese, bread, pickles & pickled onions (cornichons & silber Zwiebeln), fondue forks, fondue spices, a bottle of wine (Swiss traditionally drink white wine with a fondue) + a thermos of tea, cups, a knife & cutting board plus Swiss flags and cute napkins. To top it off we always add a jar of yummy pesto which you can either use to spread on the bread, or, the much better option, to turn your traditional Swiss cheese fondue into a pesto fondue when you are halfway through your cheese.

Interlaken scenic fondue picnic map

The online ‘fondue backpack scenic picnic spots’ map by the fondue villa gives you a great number of stunning locations to enjoy an outdoor fondue in the Interlaken area. How about a fondue at the side of the lake of Thun, on top of a castle ruin, next to a river or waterfall or on a mountain top….check out the map to find your favourite spot.


Check out some pictures of our guests having an outdoor fondue feast in Lauterbrunnen, the valley of 72 waterfalls, and right at the Gelmersee (Gelmer Lake), that unique Swiss alpine rollercoaster location.

Pesto fondue & double dipper caquelon

The fondue villa’s popular double dipping fondue pot, a caquelon with a divider in the middle, that let’s you try two fondue types as one can also be reserved for the fondue backpack. Together with our coveted pesto mix, that gets supplied in the rucksack, you can have a traditional Swiss and pesto fondue at the same time. Plus this fondue pot is much lighter to carry which is definitely a plus if you are going for a big adventure.

Fondue rucksack price & reservations

For detailed booking info please head directly to : https://fonduevilla.com/backpack


The fondue rucksack costs 34.50 CHF pp (minimum 2 people) and has to be reserved at least a day before your fondue adventure by sending an email to  info@fonduevilla.com with the number of people, the desired fondue pot (Traditional or double dipper pot) plus the desired pick-up date & time. Pick-up of the rucksack is between 8-11am at the adventure hostel (Seestrasse 44).


For more info have a look on the the fondue rucksack/backpack website by clicking here.