Things to do Interlaken: Discover the most beautiful Swiss Alpine Lakes

Interlaken is located between some of Switzerland's most beautiful and impressive alpine lakes. There is literally dozens of lakes to explore, hike to and swim in. Ranging from high alpine remote lakes, crystal clear aquarium lakes, the deepest lake in Switzerland, cow-bell concert surrounding lakes and sheer rockcliff surrounded lakes....there is a lake for everyone's taste!


The lake with the difficult name! 

However what this lake lacks in naming-simplicity it makes up for by its sheer beauty.

A lake that is a short daytrip away from the adventure hostel Interlaken, and can be reached by hike or cable car will leave you speechless. Surrounded by epic mountain cliffs that seem to be rising straight out of the water and seemingly reach the sky this is a stunner. 


The clearest lake in Switzerland will blow your mind. You can literally see the bottom everywhere. This is the embodiment of a emerald green and blue lake. And the good things is it is 100% natural. 


Bachalpsee or Bachsee is a high-alpine lake close to the First mountain, reachable by cable car from Grindelwald (Switzerland). The lake is located at an elevation of 2,265 m and in summer time often surrounded by dozens of cows. When approaching the lake on foot from the first gondola station you can hear the 'cowbell concert', created by the happily grazing and cow bell swaying Swiss cows roaming the pastures surrouning the Bachalpsee.  


The Burgseeli Lido is tucked away in the picturesque landscape of Goldswil & Ringgenberg just a stonethrow away from Interlaken. Surrounded by diverse flora and fauna, this small lake is known for its unusually warm waters which makes it a great spot for swimming. The surrounding forrest and hills are great to explore with an impressive church right at the top providing excellent views of Interlaken and the adjacent lake of Brienz. 

Lake of Brienz

One of the deepest, and therefore coldest lakes of Switzerland that feeds directly of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau glaciers. The lake is known for its azure colours and stunning boat rides that visit the many highlights along the way. Explore the woodcarving town of Brienz (including Europe's most beautiful street), the grandiose Giessbach waterfall or Iseltwaldt the picture perfect peninsula village. 

Lake of Thun

The big lake named after the cute city of Thun. The lake of Thun is pure, has many beaches to go swimming and is surrounded by stunning castles and fortresses. All can easily be visited from the adventure hostel interlaken as the lake is located only a short walk away from the hostel. 

Visit the oberhofen castle or go for a swim in Neuhaus and explore the adjacent nature reserve including its wild beaches. The Beatus caves are another highlight at the shores of lake Thun. 

All sights can easily be reached by public transport or, even better, by boat. 

More awesome things to do in Interlaken

Of course there is always more to explore in the Interlaken area. For more awesome ideas of things to do in Interlaken have a look at this great local travel guide here. 


Have fun and keep on moving, exploring and discovering =)