The Best Adventure Hostels around the World

No matter if you are traveling across Europe on your vacation, roaming the World on a gap-year or just visiting Switzerland for a well-deserved holiday. Staying in a comfortable, nice, social and adventurous hostel will make your travels so much better. This new breed of affordable adventure hostel accommodation has sprung up all over the world offering great rates, comfortable beds, hotel-like amenities and loads of adventures! So hop on board and let us show you the best of the best adventure hostels from around the world!

Adventure Hostel Interlaken (Switzerland)

Imagine a gorgeous century old villa, located in the middle of the Swiss alps, with snowcapped mountain views, turquoise lakes, pristine forests, a sky full of paragliders and enough adventures to keep you busy for weeks. Sounds like a dream…. Well that is exactly what the Adventure hostel Interlaken has to offer you. Just a short walk from the Interlaken-West train station, the adventure hostel Interlaken is your perfect base to explore Interlaken, the adventure sports capital of Europe. You might come for the amazing views from the Jungfraujoch Top of Europe, for skiing or snowboarding in winter (200km of slopes), rafting, skydiving, canyoning, hiking, jet boating, zip lining, cliff walking or paragliding and seeing Interlaken from a brid's eye view….This cute Swiss mountain town has it all!!

Stay in one of the hostel’s convenient budget friendly dorm rooms, a cute private or one of the family rooms. Delicious breakfast is included to kickstart your adventurous day and the adventure hostel Interlaken is the only hostel with view of the famous Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains straight from the living room and garden. 



San Diego Adventure Hostel (USA)

The San Diego Adventure hostel also names itself the International Traveler House. Amazingly they operate a couple of very adventurous hostels: The Adventure Hostel in downtown San Diego, the Beach Bungalow Surf Hostel and the Big Bear Mountain Adventure Hostel & Lodge. That’s a whole lot  of adventure! 

Their slogan is “Creating a global family, one traveler at a time” and they do that in the city, at the beach and in the mountains. 


Like the adventure hostel Interlaken, the adventure hostel San Diego, sets itself apart with its unique building. The hostel is located within three victorian buildings making that one can easily experience ‘hostel love on first sight’. It is located just a few blocks from the water in, Little Italy, Downtown San Diego’s european style neighborhood. 


The hostel offers a cozy atmosphere combined with a wide range of activities. Inside you’ll find funky colors, original paintings and art by the founders. Its homey vibe makes this friendly hostel a great place where you can relax and hang out or work while you are on the road during the day.

Beach Bungalow Surf Hostel

Direct beach access and unrestricted views of the Pacific. You can soak up the sunshine on their outdoor terrace and the funky design of the bungalow style building creates a social, friendly and fun atmosphere. And there is of course the surf. Rent one of their surfboards to hit the waves. Ideal setting for an adventure hostel. 

Big bear mountain adventure hostel

After some years of running the downtown San Diego adventure hostel the Big Bear Mountain Adventure Hostel & Lodge was founded with the goal to show travelers the amazing California mountains as well.  As an Adventure Hostel they wanted to showcase everything California had to offer so they purchased a cabin in Big Bear Lake and began shuttling guests between the beaches of San Diego and the mountains of Big Bear Lake.

Adventure Hostel Queenstown (New Zealand)

Without a doubt the Adventure Capital of the Southern Hemisphere and ‘the Interlaken of New Zealand’ is Queenstown. A cute mountain town packed with fantastic vistas and too many adventures to fill an average holiday. Like in Interlaken, Queenstown is an adventure dream destination where you can go paragliding, white water rafting, bungee jumping, canyoning, jet-boating, sky diving, kayaking, swimming, hiking, mountainbiking,...and many many more fun and adventurous stuff. 


When visiting Queenstown make sure to stay at the Adventure hostel Queenstown for an optimal adventurious Queenstown experience. As they say themselves: “we are three levels of awesome, ready and happy to welcome visitors, travellers, and new friends from all over the world!”


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Instagram: @aqhostel

Adventure Hostel Klosters (Switzerland)

Another Swiss adventure hostel, located in Klosters on the other side of Switzerland is the adventure hostel Klosters. For a lot of people Klosters will bring up an association with the British Royal family and their annual skiing holiday. However the adventure hostel Klosters proofs that this amazing destination is not only for royals. Their fun and affordable accomodation in the centre of Klosters proofs that you me and everyone can visit Klosters nifty nature on a very affordable, non-royal, budget too. 


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ColoRADo Adventure Hostel (USA)

In the shadow of Pikes Peak, and just a few miles from the famous Garden of the Gods, this RAD new Colorado hostel is your adventure base for Colorado Springs. Founded in September 2018, just months after the Adventure Hostel Interlaken opened its doors, this new hostel should be on your radar. 


The hostel is made up of a blend of Colorado’s art, mountain culture and fresh Colorado Springs vibe. You can easily share your travel stories with fellow travelers, play an impromptu jam session, walk around the grassy backyard, or just relax in one of their common areas.


The hostel is conveniently located close to downtown and right around the corner from tons of hiking trails. 

The hostel offers both private and shared rooms, a common kitchen, dining area, lounge, a smoking patio and a grassy backyard. 


The social vibe of the Colorado Adventure Hostel shows in their love to get guest to socialize and meet each other through the sharing of travel stories, cooking sessions, singing around the bonfire, or cheering for each other during game night. 


Colorado Springs Adventure Hostel is located about an hour away from Denver and an hour and a half to Boulder. When hitting the latter you should definitely stay at Adventure lodge Boulder Colorado (read about them below)

Dead Sea Adventure Hostel (Israel)

The Dead Sea Adventure Hostel is the amazing adventure base for discovering Israel’s Dead Sea, Masada (an ancient fortification in the Southern District of Israel situated on top of an isolated rock plateau,  overlooking the Dead Sea), and all the surrounding desert. This is not just another hostel but a Desert Adventure Center, located on the border between the Negev and Judean deserts, for backpackers and adventurers that are ready to explore.


Positioned on the road leading to Masada, the area is full of beautiful hiking trails, running and cycling paths, and breathtaking canyons and mountains. It’s the most accessible place for those wanting to reach both the Dead Sea and Masada by public transport or by car.

That the hostel also has a great sense of humour shows from their travel question anwers: “How to steal a camel?” and “can you go fishing in the dead sea?”


And they have an adventurous special bar promo: Come with a traditional spirit (liqueur, vodka, whiskey, etc.) from your country and get a discount on your stay. Bring 2 bottles of 500 ml of traditional alcohol from your country and get 30% discount on your third night with us. They will drink the first bottle together, and the second one will stay in the hostel bar. Thats some pretty adventurous liquid love we think*

Adventure hostel on wheels - The Nomads Bus (Everywhere)

The adventure hostel on wheels offers you a rather unique adventurous travel experience: an American schoolbus turned into a hostel on wheels. This fantastic nomads bus travels around Europe while picking up travelers along the way. With six bunk beds the adventure hostel on wheels is rather small, but it makes up in big adventures while road tripping to amazing destinations. 


Do you like to go climbing? Hiking? Do you enjoy discovering wine castles? Or skiing in winter? You name it and the adventure hostel on wheels will make it possible.  As a moving hostel they combine traveling, road tripping with staying. A great adventurous way to explore parts of Europe that would otherwise would be hard to reach. 

Apart from the uniqueness of a hostel on wheels, they also get raving reviews about the amazing vibes:



"I could tell you all about how the food was great, how I felt at home in the bus (it’s so cozy and nice), how the landscapes are incredible but most of all what’s really amazing in this adventure is the people you get to know. It’s so much more than just a road trip, it’s sharing this journey with awesome souls." Marie Lamarque


Who wouldn’t want to chill on this nomads bus roof terrace!? Best views guaranteed!



Instagram: @thenomadsbus


The Adventure Brew Hostel La Paz (Bolivia)

The adventure brew hostel in La Paz, Bolivia, goes by the slogan: Beds & brews, Culture & BBQ’s. Sounds like more than enough reasons to visit this adventurous traveler haven. 


The Adventure Brew Hostel is one of the best options in La Paz to sleep, to take a break from your travels, meet other travelers and prepare your next travel plans!

In fact there are two adventure brew hostels, the original and a downtown one. Both have been created and designed to give adventure travelers a friendly and fun base from which to plan their explorations of Bolivia. Recharge, take a break from too many adventures, meet other travelers, or just recharge your batteries before heading out and hitting the road again. Recharging is hard though in a hostel that doubles as a brewery! 

The hostel offers a Restaurant with veggie options and breakfast services and while there you can’t miss out on their famous Tuesday & Friday afternoon rooftop BBQs. 

Adventure Lodge Boulder Colorado (USA)

When you imagine adventure locations in the USA you can’t omit Boulder, Colorado. It is literally an adventure activity treasure throve and Whether you’re climbing, downhilling, fishing, skiing, cycling, hiking, or taking in the town, there is adventure all-around

The adventure lodge in Boulder makes for the perfect base to engage in all these awesome adventure activities. Also known as the A-Lodge, it offers instant access to all your favorite adventures and the right amenities to come home to after an exciting day off the beaten path.

The guys at A-lodge love to talk adventure and have many great recommendations for you during your stay in Boulder. That they are located close to the adventure is exemplified by the Foumile Creek hiking trail literally running through the A-lodge. 

A-lodge adventure vans

The A-Lodge believes in the three A’s: Adventure, Access, and Amenities. Their amazing Adventure Vans give new meaning to the three A’s as they give guests unlimited adventures, unlimited access to everything around you, and all the amenities on wheels. 

They offer three types of adventure vans named for their prime purpose: the explorer (the Swiss army knife among the adenture vans), the cyclist (optised for bikers) and shredder (for the pow-pow snow hunters). 


Instagram: @adventure_lodge

Facebook: @adventurelodge

Twitter: @TheALodge

Banana's Adventure Hostel – Huacachina – (Peru)

The banana hostel in Haucachina, Peru combines a funky name with a glorious outdoor garden and pool setting right on their premises. They offer everything a backpacker expects from a hostel creating an adventure hostel that is a fun, social, adventurour and ideally situated to hit the dunes for sandboarding. 


Sandboarding vs. Snowboarding Peru

Hop on an exhilarating, once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Go sand boarding over the towering dunes spread across the Huacachina desert and capture the stunning scenery set against a picturesque sunset. It isn’t exactly snowboarding - which is a main Interlaken Adventure hostel winter activity - but it is sandy and funny and highly recommended. Most people opt for a slide down on their belly as it is easier. However the real deal would be standing on the sandboard atop this huge sandy mountain and sway your way down in stylish turns. Sounds like an excellent adventure to us*

Buenos Aires Adventure Hostel (Argentina)

For your Argentinian urban adventures you gotta visit the adventure hostel Buenos Aires. A simple but vibrant hostel located in the centre of the capital of Argentina is a great starting point for your city adventures.  

Facebook: @adventurehostelba/ 

Instagram: @adventurehostel

Crash Pad Adventure Hostel (Belize)

Crash Pad Adventure Hostel is a nice Boutique Style Hostel in tropical Belize where you can be comfortable after a day in the outdoors, beach and sea adventuring.


Their rooms are called Pods. Why Pods? Because they are compact spaces that are functional, efficient and fun at a price that leaves you money for more adventures. The Pods are convenient, stylish and designed to give you all the necessary comforts. In addition to loft beds, ensuite bathrooms, hot/cold water and WiFi the Rooftop Terrace with hammocks and comfy chairs is a the spot to chill and hang out. Also, a Yoga Room on the property where you have access to 50 online teachers and 1000 of classes through their innovative combination of a Yoga App and a projector.


At Crash Pad Adventure Hostel you will are less than 100 steps from the Caribbean Sea and there is a plethora of restaurants and bars around the corner.



AOS rafting & adventure hostel Salza (Austria)

What began in 1988 with only one raft boat and 10 lifejackets has meanwhile developed into one of the most established outdoor companies in Austria. AOS (Adventure Outdoor Strobl) is a family business focusing on whitewater rafting and adventure sports. Over the years AOS has steadily expanded their adventurous offerings but rafting still remains the most popular thing to do. Their hostel, located close to the Salza river where all the rafting takes place, makes for an excellent base camp before hitting the white waters. 

Grab some food from the grill, have a beer on their terrace and sleep well and dream even better in their comfy beds at night. Well needed after a full day of rafting those rapids and currents. Highly recommended. 



Website: Adventure hostel salza 

Instagram: aos_adventures